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Hey there! I am Alex Ling

Welcome to my little island on the internet. I am a developer, founder, open-source maintainer, and a BJJ practitioner.

I am currently the Tech Lead at Theia, where I manage our engineering team to build the next-gen corporate financial management platform.

Before that I was the CTO and co-founder of an ed-tech startup Nautilus. We were incubated at the Hong Kong Science Park and received various awards. We've worked with clients like South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, and the Singapore International School.

I developed and maintain Mango, an open-source self-hosted manga server and web reader. The project has received over one thousand stars on GitHub, and it has become one of the most popular projects written in Crystal.

I have a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong advised by Dr. Chee Wei Tan. My research has been featured on the IEEE Information Theory Society Newsletter. Check out my academic homepage (outdated).

I am a proud transhumanist, and I look forward to the day when I can hook up my brain to a computer and become part of the Matrix. I use all kinds of life hacks to boost my productivity and wellness, and I drink my homemade Soylent daily to have full control of what I take into my body. Check out my recipe here.

I am open to consulting and freelancing contracts (subject to my availability). I am an expert in modern fullstack web development, with experience in many different languages and environments. I maintain production environments on both AWS and Google Cloud, and I can offer consultation on system design, scalability issues, and network security.

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